welcome note

Marquez Granite and Tile began operating in 2000 around Houston Texas, and has 16 years of experience to support us, our main job is to develop professional services referring to the decoration and to interior and exterior design, introducing to the utmost new technology in order to fulfillour objective. Nowadays our company a great family that has been increasing according to our service demand. Our clients are our main resources within our company’s organization and thanks to our clients who recommend us, actually Marquez Granite and Tile is working with diverse industries, real states and construction companies. In our company the people is our human capital and certainly the most important assets, the uninterrupted work to fulfill our projects and the responsibility favored the excellency of our service towards our clients.


We offer services of consultancy, project development, direction and accomplishment of the work. We work to interprete our client’s necessities and expectations, attending our client in every stage of the process. We take care of the project from the beginning up to the termination of the project, always providing the total satisfaction to our client.


We have reliable and qualified personnel for those works that sometimes are not easy to find secure and specialized labors, such as masonry, interior and exterior painting, modelling bathrooms, kitchens, gardens, modelling complete houses. We offer personalized direction and permanent supervision during the labor. In this way we conduct the project with our own personnel, supervising the result from the first ideas to the last details.


Our objective is to create a favorable, stimulated, positive, creative and innovative work environment, favoring the human and professional development.


Our mission is to have our clients satisfied with our work completed, and to provide our clients, confidence, security and responsibility, beyond a professional work.


Our vision is to be transformed us in a more demanding and the best quality company in the market where our clients can feel very attracted towards our determination, effort and professional work.